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      Our Focused Giving

      Targeting Our Resources for Greater Impact

      Our Focused Giving

      We partner with organizations that align with our philanthropic priorities to make our communities more productive and sustainable. Our employees are engaged in the creation and inspiration of our future workforce. To make a greater impact with our charitable resources, we focus our giving on a targeted number of community partners. While our main charitable focus is STEM education, we recognize?the importance of enhancing the vibrancy and sustainability of our communities in other ways. Our focused giving also targets?programs that provide essential services as well as those that foster creativity, innovation, civic leadership and disaster relief.

      Creating a STEM Education Pipeline

      Rockwell Automation recognizes that our future depends on the diverse students of today to help fill the workforce skills gap. We are engineering our future and inspiring young minds for STEM careers through For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST?), Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and ST Math. Our company is making a sincere commitment to students who would otherwise not be encouraged to explore STEM education.

      Rockwell Automation’s mission to improve the quality of life by making the world more productive and sustainable, begins at home and in classrooms within our communities.

      STEM Education

      Innovate and Inspire Future Generations

      To prepare the world’s innovators and makers of the future, we focus on improving and increasing STEM education programs, particularly among women and underrepresented groups.

      Our strategic?STEM partners help us illustrate our belief in Engineering Our Future? and Inspiring Young Minds?. These partners include: FIRST, PLTW, and ST Math.

      This activity represents 52% of our total giving.

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      Equity and Inclusion

      Work Together to Make Real Progress

      It's a big world. And the more we include diverse perspectives in business decisions, the better we meet changing demands. That's why we support organizations and opportunities that increase diversity and allow employees to develop an understanding of the social, economic and educational challenges in our communities.

      This activity represents 29% of our total giving.

      Talent Engagement

      Enrich the Vibrancy and Sustainability of Our Communities

      We understand the important role our company plays in the vibrancy and sustainability of communities where we have a major business presence. We proudly support programs that provide basic services, offer arts and cultural opportunities, and foster civic leadership.

      This activity represents 18% of our total giving.

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      Disaster Relief and Recovery

      Turn Compassion into Action

      Making a difference starts with meeting the basics. We respond to natural disasters affecting communities where our employees, customers and business partners live and work.

      This activity represents 1% of our total giving.

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