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      Panduit Strategic Alliance

      Driving Integrated Solutions to Bring Success

      Panduit Strategic Alliance

      The Rockwell Automation and Panduit strategic alliance helps you develop a secure, future-ready physical network infrastructure for industrial environments. Together, we are driving integrated solutions that help you reduce risk, improve reliability, and successfully implement EtherNet/IP solutions and architectures through optimized physical network infrastructure solutions and services.

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      Partnering to Design the Right Network for You

      Rockwell Automation and Panduit partner together to provide you with integrated physical infrastructure products, services, and solutions. Together, we can help optimize your physical network infrastructure with effective collaboration between manufacturing and IT.

      Solution and Service Architecture Convergence

      Asset Optimization and Increased Security for Your Production

      When you design an industrial network environment, you must consider efficiency, security, and agility to achieve maximum value and functionality. Essential to this environment is designing robust network architecture connectivity from your operations to your business systems. Our joint pre-engineered network solutions and services are designed to help you reduce risk and save time on implementation.

      Validated Reference Architectures

      A Holistic Approach to Building a Network Solution

      Converged Plant-wide Ethernet (CPwE) is a collection of tested and validated architectures that follow the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) program. Cisco and Rockwell Automation have collaborated with Panduit to include their building-block approach for physical infrastructure deployment in specific architectures. Panduit has also established a CPwE test lab to contribute to testing and validation.

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