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      Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software

      Our Bulletin 9309 Emonitor? Condition Monitoring Software works with our monitors and portable data collectors to help establish and execute a condition-based predictive maintenance program.

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      Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software Product Profile


      • Supports Dynamix 2500 and Enpac 2500 Data Collectors
      • Offers live data view from any 1444 series monitor on any machine, by any user from any location
      • Provides ability to schedule automated data collection from any number of 1444 series or 1440 series monitors or machines
      • Includes the ability to download defect frequencies to collectors
      • Allows tags to be imported from a Logix controller, scheduled or on demand
      • Allows the ability to import/export data from any OPC server
      • Includes fault frequency identification
      • Offers built-in and user editable rule sets

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      Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software Product Profile EMONTR-PP001
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