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      Training Workstations

      Hands-on, Self-paced Instruction

      Training Workstations

      Training workstations allow for hands-on, self-paced instruction. Select a standard workstation or customize your own to fit your needs.

      • Reinforce and practice maintenance, troubleshooting, and programming skills
      • Train new employees
      • Ease the transition from one technology

      Standard workstations include drives, HMI, I/O systems, motion control, and more.

      How to Buy

      To purchase training products or to learn more about our training solutions, contact your local sales office or distributor.

      ADDvance Control Systems WorkstationSimulate common components of an AADvance? Control System, which includes redundant controllers, I/O modules, and switches.

      Automation Ferris Wheel Workstation This two-part unit introduces students to basic industrial automation with the use of a simple theme-park ride.

      CompactLogix Workstation

      Develop and build a solid foundation of CompactLogix? and automation system knowledge by becoming familiar with a variety of automation hardware and software.

      ControlLogix Workstations

      These ControlLogix? workstations offer a means to simulate the same control schemes running throughout your plant.

      GuardLogix Controller Workstation

      Program safety instructions within a GuardLogix? safety task for monitoring safety-circuitry.

      Integrated Architecture Workstation

      Develop and build a solid foundation of Integrated Architecture? and automation system knowledge.

      Kinetix 6000 Servo Drive Workstation

      This workstation is a two-axis SERCOS servo system designed to work with existing ControlLogix? with Motion workstations.

      Kinetix 6500 Workstation

      With this workstation and a ControlLogix? workstation you can configure, program, commission, and run Kinetix? 6500 servo drives on an EtherNet/IP network.

      PlantPAx Process System Workstation

      Simulate common components of process applications including redundant controllers and switches, remote I/O, an EtherNet/IP MCC, and an operator workstation.

      PowerFlex AC Drive Workstations

      These PowerFlex? AC Drive workstations provide a flexible package of power, control and operator interface options to meet the demands for space, flexibility, and simulation reliability.

      Safety Components Workstation

      Manually configure safety relays and input devices in a relay-based safety system.